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MBB Law COVID-19 Response

During this COVID-19 pandemic, at MBB Law we are implementing our business continuity plan to ensure our lawyers and staff members remain safe while our clients continue to be well served.  MBB Law invested heavily in technology in the last few years.  As a result, we have systems and technologies that remain secure and are running smoothly.

We remain fully accessible and committed to serving our clients as usual.  Our lawyers and legal staff are working remotely, giving advice via phone, email, wechat, whatsapp, skype, Zoom etc.  To the extent feasible and permitted, we are implementing electronic signing.  We also have “drive-in and out” or “walk-in and out“ protocol for situations where original signatures are mandatory. All of our areas of business are running in the normal course, including the following:
  • Real estate deals: We been able to obtain funds from clients and banks, transfer title and disburse funds in the normal course. Most municipal government departments remain open for off-title searches.
  • Bank financing: We have been able to obtain and disburse funds from banks.
  • Wills: We have implemented special protocols, including video conference consultation, and “drive-in and out” / “walk-in and out” signing.
  • Employment: We have received an unprecedented amount of inquiries from employers and employees regarding layoffs and termination. We are here to help.
  • Immigration: Plan for “The Day After”. Even though international travels are restricted and limited, our immigration services remain busy and open for video consultation for those who are planning to come to Canada after the pandemic.
  • Corporate / Commercial / Business transactions: Take advantage of low asset values – this may be an ideal time for you to acquire businesses, or do roll-over transactions.  Incorporation, setting up limited partnerships, shareholders agreements etc. – we continue to provide advice to our clients.
  • Disputes / Litigation: Your counter-party, borrower, tenant, business partner etc. is in default of its obligations.  Talk to us.

Please contact us:

Phone: 905-475-7676
Email:  mbb@mbb.ca
Wechat: janet882288
Zoom: janetlee@mbb.ca
WhatsApp: 14166176183

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy as this global health challenge unfolds.